Ballet barre set "The Pro" (length: 500 - 1950mm)

Intermediate dimension
Mirror dimension (if available)
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The ballet bar for particularly high loads and training sessions - ideal for ballet studios

Who has a lot of space and a large children's room with a lot of room to spend, is very well advised with this ballet bar set. You have between three and four meters of wall space? Then this ballet bar set with 4 wall brackets is perfect for your space.

Children don't need as much space from the ballet bar to the wall as adults. When selecting a ballet bar for children, the following small test applies: Simply place a foot on the staircase's handrail in the stairwell and see if it is attached to the wall. If the foot is fixed to the wall, a ballet pole holder is recommended from a distance of 150 mm from the wall.

Technical Details / Assembly

Dimension of the ballet bar:

  • Length: 3100mm - 4000mm 
  • Diameter: 42mm
  • Ends: slightly rounded with approx. 6mm radius
  • 4 Ballet bar holder 190mm wall distance with pre-drilled holes

Holder dimensions:

  • wall distance: approx. 190mm
  • Distance of the bearing surfaces to each other: 150mm (center to center)
  • with 12mm thread
  • base plate diameter: 70mm
  • Thanks to the large wall distance, the ballet bar can be screwed on without difficulty. This means that it can be used for many applications.


    • The base plate has two holes for 5mm screws.
    • Screws and bolts are included.
    • Adhesive for gluing the stainless steel rosette is included in the scope of delivery

    Assembly instructions for the ballet bar

    • Screw the holder into the prefabricated holes (first pull the cover chain backwards).
    • then with the help of a second person mark the drill holes (on the wall side), then drill them
    • The cover rosette is finally fixed with some adhesive (superglue).



Delivery times

  • ca. 3 - 5 days ash
  • ca. 3 - 5 days beech
  • ca. 3 - 5 days oak
  • ca. 5 - 7 days ash dark
  • ca. 2 - 3 weeks beech white
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